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Zapp Paint Odour Eliminator (50ml)

Odour Zapp Paint Odour Eliminator


It effectively removes or significantly diminishes the unpleasant smells commonly found in new paint when mixed with it. it is also Suitable for acrylics, urethane, epoxy, oil, alkyd, and water-based paints alike. 3. 50ml is adequate to treat 5 litres of paint.


Intended for paint professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) alike, be it industrial applications, private homes or public building interiors, refinishing/resurfacing projects, applying solvents, or even painting your nails, Bio Zapp Paint Odor Eliminator helps reduce the odors that occur during the curing process. It doesn't cover or mask the smell. Bio Zapp Paint Odor Eliminator is designed to combine with oxygen to encapsulate the odor-causing particles so they can fall out of the air and dissipate, quickly reducing those pesky lingering odors.  


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Zapp Paint Odour Eliminator (50ml)

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